Today we went on an adventure. We were all healthy, despite a few complaints of tummy ache. My husband had the day off (thanks to all the freedom fighters who have given their lives for our safety), and I packed a picnic. Actually, the children packed the food, water, and hiking shoes as we formed our plan and rushed out the door to get to Mass on time. I love those guys.

I didn’t know much about where we were going. A state park with hiking, about 2 hours from our house (according to Google maps). The only thing that seemed to stand out from other parks was the name. The name made me want to go there. Ever since I discovered this park online, I wanted to go – not because of picturesque vistas, outstanding facilities, or even a friend’s recommendation – just the name. And now, I finally had convinced my husband that we should go check it out.

I had a general idea of where we were going, and we had a GPS device in the van, so I didn’t bother writing down directions. (Can you tell where this is going?) I just plugged in the destination and off we went. Four hours and 10 miles of unmaintained gravel road, and we finally pulled into Malakoff Diggins Historical State Park.

We were on an adventure. That was decided before we left the house. So we knew to expect something different. We had surrendered to whatever was to come. Driving blind, relying solely on an electronic device that obviously was set to shortest distance rather than fastest route, we didn’t mind the inconvenience. It was exciting, fun, and scenic. We had decided to reach our destination, no matter what.

So why can’t I surrender to the adventure of life? My destination is Heaven. God is my GPS. But I don’t look at life as an adventure – it is hard, inconvenient, full of surprises that I didn’t ask for. And I forget all about my destination. I get stuck in the present, like a rut in the road, and can only see that I’m stuck, forgetting that God brought me to this place for a purpose, and only with His help can I truly enjoy this adventure.

Enjoy the ride.


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