Inspirational Music of Danielle Rose

I was introduced to Danielle Rose’s music a few years ago, when I received a gift of her CD from a friend. Eclectic, passionate, and very Catholic, her lyrics go straight to the heart. Her music from the CD Mysteries, inspired by her time spent in adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament, transported me to the mysteries of the Rosary, looking at the scene from various perspectives. One song, “Reason to Believe”, spoke to me in particular, especially the refrain:

“Do I live a life of such love so as to be a reason to believe? Live a life of such love to be a reason to believe.”

This 2-disc set has a song specific to each of the 20 mysteries. Blessed Pope John Paul II’s addition of the Kuminous mysteries inspired her to create this CD, and I love listening to it during the day, when I am too busy to pray the Rosary. I find myself still meditating on the mysteries through her music and bringing peace and comfort to my home.

I was listening to her music today and was reminded how much I love this CD, so I thought I would share it. Here are two links: the first is for “Reason to Believe”, and the second is for “Be God’s”, which includes a lyric slide show.

Reason to Believe

Be God’s



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