Eight Tips to Sanctify a Bathroom

At some point in my adult life I chose the bathroom as the sanctuary in my home. Perhaps it is the need to find quiet amidst the perpetual noise that exists in a large family. Perhaps it is my desire for calm in the storm. The most likely reason seems to be my burning desire to draw close to God.

The bathroom is a perfect space to meet God. These are the qualities that I think set the right ambiance:

  1. Low light. My bathroom has a small window that doesn’t give much light. I find low light peaceful and calming – a good place to focus on God. Sometimes I will burn a candle to help me quiet myself. Focusing on the flame settles my spirit.
  2. Locked door. I chose my bathroom because it is adjacent to my bedroom. A fussy child has to go through my locked bedroom to get to the bathroom door. This affords a few more uninterrupted minutes.
  3. Music. I have my alarm clock/radio in the bathroom so I can listen to some classical music on NPR to ease into my quiet time.
  4. Room to kneel. My bathroom is just the right size – big enough to kneel, but small enough to still have that womb-like comfort of a cozy space. I have a rug in there too, so my knees can handle it.
  5. Mirrors. Looking at myself reminds me of two things: God made me in His image, and He’s not finished with me yet. I also use a dry erase marker to write prayers that I’m trying to memorize.
  6. Scents. A vanilla candle or lavender bubble bath can work wonders for finding a quiet place. We are sensory people, and beautiful fragrances work great for me.
  7. Tissues. The bathroom seems to be one of the few places I can have a good cry, so it’s nice to have soft tissue to use, rather than toilet paper.
  8. A visited place. The great thing about the bathroom is you use it several times during the day. I always use my bathroom, instead of the other ones in the house, because it reminds me to savor those few minutes and re-focus on Christ. If I had a walk-in pantry, that might make a good place too.

“Be still and know that I am God!” (Psalms 46:11a)

God takes to ordinary and makes it extraordinary. It is His nature – His miraculous, mysterious, omnipotent way. Shouldn’t we also try to do the same, and bring holiness to the ordinary spaces of our lives?

Where is your sacred place?


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