From ‘The Happiest Millionaire’ – I’ll always be ‘Catholic’, cuz that’s how I began! – I love this blog from Catholic Cravings.

Catholic Cravings

“Hi, I’m Laura. I just converted – wait, no… um, became? No, that’s not right either. Reverted? Not really.

This mini-conversion goes through my head fairly often these days. I’ve surprised how much “converting” changes the past – and not just the present. Or at least how I see the past – my past.

Take my younger years. When I was actually living them, I might have called myself Catholic – sometimes. At my Confirmation, or at Christmas or on the census form but that was about it.

Later, when I became an Evangelical Protestant, I would never have described myself as having been Catholic. Instead, “I came from a kinda-Catholic family”, “I did the Catholic stuff, you know Baptism, Communion etc”, or “My background is Irish. Go Figure”. But I never said I was Catholic.

But the Church says I was. Worse, the Church says that even when I was a Protestant, I was actually Catholic.


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