Down in Adoration Falling

As a musician, I tend to pray in song – what makes it even better is many songs we sing at Mass are based on Scriptural texts. Having never actually read the English translation of ‘Tantum Ergo’, somehow the words ‘Down in Adoration Falling’ came to me as I was down, in adoration, and yes, falling. Falling into that pitiful, selfish state that cries out, ‘Why, God?’ and ‘It’s not fair!’ It is so hard to get out of the ‘naval gazing’ depression, but those words brought me to my knees…literally.

It is for good reason that we kneel while adoring Our Lord. Not just the scripture verse that states, ‘At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow’ (Philippians 2:10), but if we are going to adore the great I AM, shouldn’t we lower ourselves? I was already low, not just spiritually and emotionally, but now physically. And those words ‘Down in Adoration Falling’ brought me to God, adoring Him.

I found myself taking inventory of who God is – all-powerful, Creator, unconditional love, goodness itself, the Great I AM. What happened next really surprised me. My ingratitude turned into gratitude, sorrow became joy, and the storm turned into peace.

Why? I’ve spent a lot of time evaluating this experience. While it felt very complicated, it is quite simple, just like everything God does. When I allowed God to fill me, thinking of Him, adoring Him, giving Him what He deserves, there was no room left in me for my pity party. My troubles became so small compared to the magnificence and power of God, and He revealed some of His power to me by giving me a sense of peace and gratitude, despite the turmoil that was present just moments prior.

How has God comforted you in times of trouble?


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