Happy New Year! Wait, what? — Part 1

Hello again. It has been 13 months and 13 days since my last post. Go figure, 13 is my favorite number. I just happened to open my computer again, and there it was, the Ignatian quote on ingratitude, staring me in the face. “Ingratitude is the most abominable of sins…For it is a forgetting of the graces, blessings, and benefits received. As such, it is the cause, beginning and origin of all sins and misfortunes.”

That still speaks straight to my heart. Perhaps that quote has been marinating in my heart since I first posted it 13 months and 13 days ago. Perhaps God has been trying to find a little crevice, the smallest little cranny, to find any sort of opening in that thick skull o’ mine to teach me this, this truth that I might just have to call one of the greatest truths of our time — of all time, really. I can only think this quote was still lingering, drawing me back to this blog, long ago abandoned for things of the world — schedules and cleaning and errands and cleaning and lessons and cleaning — you get the idea. My heart is still yearning for Less World More Christ. It will until the world is gone and all that is is Christ. Something must be done!

That’s where New Year’s comes in. Okay, so I’m a month early, but I’m a planner, and it is my responsibility (as every true planner knows) to inform the world that New Year’s will be here in less than a month, so get ready! Still confused? Thought New Year’s was January 1? Well, if you would like to use an arbitrary beginning to the new year that all of the calendar makers in the world decided would be a good day to start the year, be my guest. Me, I’m stickin’ with the Church — the First Sunday of Advent. Ta Da! That’s right, folks, New Year’s will be November 30th this year, so you’ve got 4 weeks to plan what your New Year’s Resolutions will be.

And it gets better, because I’ll be reminding you every week until New Year’s and sharing my own resolutions and revamped blog so we can take 3 steps forward and 1 step back together.

Finally, if you still haven’t noticed, there’s a new flavor here — I’d like to call it Popsicle. It’s messy and drippy and hopefully not the taste of red food-coloring, but it’s just . . . surrendered.


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