Happy New Year – Why wait? – Part 2 1/2

Thinking about the last post, I realized I missed a very important element – why would Jesus taste bad? Jesus as artificial flavoring?! What I didn’t mention is that our perception of Jesus and His gifts is wrong. We don’t see the gift for what it is and so it seems bad to us; we want to reject it. His gifts can sometimes come in suffering and chastening, which can be painful, and so we refuse it. Or, as is most appropriate to the analogy I was using, our sin blinds us to the gifts of God, and we don’t see them for the beauty that they have, but they look ugly to us.

For example, if I’m late for an appointment and am stuck in traffic, I could get all upset about it, get in a bad mood, and have a terrible rest of my day. Or, if I am walking closely with God I might see this delay as an opportunity to pray a Divine Mercy chaplet or Rosary that I otherwise wouldn’t have prayed.

It all goes back to St. Ignatius’ quote: “Ingratitude is the most abominable of sins…For it is a forgetting of the graces, blessings, and benefits received. As such, it is the cause, beginning and origin of all sins and misfortunes.” So when we see Jesus and His gifts as they are, we can see His goodness and receive His graces.


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